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Roy's Ice Cream Parlour!

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Welcome to Roy's Ice Cream Parlour!

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Our Mission

To continue to provide our high quality  gifts, flowers, information, and services at reasonable and fair prices.

Company Profile

Roy's was established in August 1978 in the historic "Dr. Paden's Drug Store building located at 1200 Avenue E, Carrizozo, New Mexico. the historical drug store was built between 1906 and 1910.  Dr. Paden moved to Carrizozo in 1906  from the gold mining town of White Oaks, New Mexico, after being hired by the railroad as their railroad physician and surgeon.  All the usual soda fountain facilities were installed and this was one of the busiest places in the fast growing town of Carrizozo.   Dr. Paden also opened a hospital  on the second story of this building and there  are many people around today who remember him as their personal physician.

signroyss.jpg (49550 bytes)

Dr. Paden  sold the store in 1934  to "Red" Eaker who operated the pharmacy and soda  fountain for many years.  "Red" replaced the original soda fountain with a brand new top of the line "liquid   carbonic" fountain in 1934 or 1935, and it is still in use today.  The fountain has a green marble counter top and the front marble is a light tan color with various patterns throughout.
fountain.jpg (51276 bytes)Roy's Soda Fountain Click on photo for larger picture!
The store was sold two other times during its history and in 1978 Roy Dow   moved his gift and novelty  business from its  original location "just down the street" into the beautiful red brick building on the corner, with the antique wall fixtures and the soda fountain.  It was a "dream come true" to operate an old  fashioned ice cream parlor.  Roy Dow  spent many hours on the other side of the fountain when he was growing up here and now it was going to be all his--if he could just make ends meet.  It is now over 25 years later and he is still at it so he must be doing something right!
front window.jpg (54450 bytes)Roy's front window...click on photo for large picture!
All the old fashioned soda fountain treats are offered and enjoyed by the locals people and the traveling public. This has become a "favorite" stop for many of the tourists traveling down this historic highway 54 heading north or south.   Many  go out of their way to stop here and have one of Roy's milk shakes, malts, sundaes, banana splits, fountain  cokes, and real old fashioned ice cream soda or an ice cream cone!
If you will print out this page and bring it with you when you come through Carrizozo, New Mexico on Highway 54, you will receive an ice cream cone just for your effort!
Cffeecup.wmf (2518 bytes)Roy's is also one of the favorite places to buy New Mexico lottery  Power Ball  tickets; Roadrunner Cash, and instant scratchers too!  Everyday the "After Five" Crowd comes in and has a nice relaxing visit over a good cup of coffee and a real good "scratching" time before they head home.  They know their "contribution" is helping the education and school system in the great state of New Mexico!
royjuke.jpg (28359 bytes)They really enjoy playing the "Coca-Cola" jukebox. It is a real collector's item!

Roy's Coca-Cola Jukebox Click on photo for larger picture!

All in all, Roy's is one of the best places to stop in Carrizozo for a glimpse of the past and an "Old Fashioned" friendly visit...

Contact Information
Telephone 575-648-2921
FAX 575-648-2921
Postal address 1200 Ave. E

Carrizozo, NM 88301

Electronic mail royndow@tularosa.net
Sales: 1-575-648-2921
Customer Support 1-575-648-2921
Webmaster: FtroopGary@aim.com
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Some of your comments
	Joe's Comments
Same place since 1905. We really enjoyed the vintage soda fountain 
and great service from Roy. Best banana split, strawberry shake, and chocolate ice cream cone ever.
Thanks for the advice on my own soda fountain.
Dick & Leah Bray Comments
We enjoyed our visit to your great Town of Carrizozo. Our visits to Roy's Soda Fountain 
were the greatest, where else can you step back in time & enjoy great malt shakes 
& old fashioned ice cream sodas & enjoy hearing the local history as only Roy can tell it. 
Please say Hi to Johnson & Jack from the Valley of Fires B.L.M. Park when you see them. 
Thanks for a great visit.
Saundra Lockwood's Comments
My father was raised in Carrizozo. In fact I have aunts and uncles that still live there. 
Although I live in California, I never forget the way I felt as a child being in New Mexico 
for visits. My dad's name was David "Andy" Sanchez. You probably know who he is. I havn't been 
to Carrizozo since 1988, but I did go to Roy's gift shop every time we went to New Mexico.
Anthony and Fabienne's Comments
Roy has the best cherry limes, banana splits and milk shakes in the world! 
We have not been able to find better ones anywhere in the world yet. 
It's always a great pleasure to step back in time and enjoy Roy's wonderful treats!
Marilyn Link's 	Comments
I really enjoyed my visit on August 21,  It was a real treat to get 
an Old Fashioned Vinilla Soda at 9AM in the morning. 
We told all of our friends in Artesia about your wonderful establishment. 
Thank you for being there and bringing back wonderful memories. Marilyn Link 


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