Step back into yesteryear

at Carrizozo landmark

Roy's Gift Gallery
     September 16, 1998 -- Amid merchandise filled shelves and carefully  tended memorabilia, Roy's Gift Gallery in Carrizozo, New Mexico delights customers with it dual personalities.  The gallery not only serves as a variety store, but also a haven  of museum-quality treasures.
Owner, Roy N. Dow, wanted to serve the local and tourist market with his shop, soda fountain and floral telegraph service.
Today's Gift Gallery thrives in the venerable Paden's Drug Store building, a Carrizozo landmark since 1909.  Filled with original furnishings, antiques, collectibles, pictures--even medical instruments--Paden's lives again to the delight of old timers remembering youth and youngsters creating memories.
Visitors first notice the  1930's  soda fountain.  Lit by  sunny windows, its green and brown marble counter, white marble-knobbed dispensers and heart shaped wire-back chairs hint at the towering  banana splits  of childhood or a cherry Coke shared with one's sweetheart.  "Probably every tenth customers says, 'I used to work at a soda fountain,'" says Dow, scooping out  a  double dip.  He displays conical metal ice cream scoops from Paden's in the mid 40's.   "If I could get liners  to fit, I'd  use these instead of the modern ones."
"That's Dr. Paden," he says, gesturing  to a sepiatoned photo of a slim, serious looking man.  With little prompting, Dow tells of Melvin G. Paden, M.D. who, in the 1880's and 90's doctored in White Oaks, a few miles north of Carrizozo.  In 1906 Paden moved to Carrizozo, built his office, apothecary, and soda fountain in 1909; then in 1913 added a second floor as a hospital.  Until he sold  in 1935, Paden was one of three Carrizozo physicians and his store a  popular business.  Even after several pharmacists continued the business until 1976, Carrizozo folks still called it "Paden's."
This place holds quite an attachment for me," Dow says.  "I guess it's because  I always wanted to work here when I was a  kid."  His brown eyes twinkle.  "Now I do."
Decide for yourself if the Carrizozo time machine is a corner store or a treasure storehouse.  Visit the Gift Gallery at U.S. 54 and E. Avenue, Carrizozo New Mexico.   Tell Roy Dow that the Paden spirit sent  you.
--Yvonne Lanelli

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